Show some sugar with a sweet 3D Painting

For your  Special Partner – show some sugar with a sweet 3D Painting – this kind of gift lasts forever.  Perfect time to

choose and receive  by Valentines day. 

Indrachaapa –  Rainbow in Sanskit —     Make an offer — this one is special



The Village – 24 x18 –   325 with 20%

discount   = $260

This is Ken at Work -

with the JRT in his lap
Ken calls me his Sweatheart Your secret code to get a 20% discount on an original Painting is .    Sweetheart-  11414  — good for the entire month of February.
Confetti – 12 inches in diameter   150 with 20 % discount 120


GidgeWorld News!

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3D Cards, posters and prints OH MY

Our 3D painting are now available as cards, posters and prints.

We have entered some excellent and super dense images onto and the Saatchi people can reproduce our art as post cards, posters, and prints in a huge variety of sizes and textures. This makes our art available to you quite frugally. In Sanscrit the word is Bunjita ! Enjoy !